[Grief] Joy Division

Daniel Wiklander daniel at bomben.se
Mon Feb 23 22:00:29 EST 2004

>> Livewire Confusion schrieb / Livewire Confusion wrote:
>>> did joy division ever play a gig with TG?
>> i'd say no, but i remember genesis claiming in
>> some interview having been friends with ian,
>> which on the other hand was doubted by some other
>> member. or was it debby curtis? don't remember...
>> too long ago all this
>> -- 
> here's a piece by genesis where he talks about his relationship with 
> ian
> curtis
> http://www.mobilization.com/tg23_gen.html
> i've no idea how true this account is and the link is provided for
> information only ;)
It's the same story as in "Wreckers of Civilisation". Nothing of this 
is mentioned in Deborah Curtis' "Touching from a Distance" nor in Mark 
Johnson's "An Ideal for Living", nor in the liner notes for the "Heart 
and Soul" box set.

According to Ford in "Wreckers...", none of the other TG members 
acknowledge any of Gen's claims to have been such good friends with 

However, of course they might've kept it a secret for some reason. But 
it seems strange that Deborah Curtis hasn't mentioned the warning phone 
call that Gen claim to have placed only hours before Ian's death.

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