[Grief] Five Knuckle Shuffle SS is online!

ellis britzius zontar_98115 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 12 10:14:37 EST 2004

Many thanks for letting me view (finally!) all the packaging that the Sordide Sentimental TG release came with. I suppose there are still a few odds and ends out there that I don't actually own, but at 55 I seem to have had more years to collect TG stuff than most of you. I'll admit the first time John Saltzgiver at the Mount Olympus Record shop tried to get me to buy "Second Annual Report" by playing it at the store, I was not quite ready for TG. But now I have an original, (black vinyl),  the (gasp!) Celluloid copy, the Fetish version as part of the "Five albums" box, and the Mute CD. So it goes.

Louisa Bannon <triskela at hotmail.com> wrote:
Go here and scroll down:

The images are large and high quality, but not so as to compete with the 
original packaging. Certainly, they are more than enough for viewing online.

Thanks go out to Jon. Very cool.

- Triskela

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