[Grief] TG in Japan?

Telle Kumazawa t at kuma.cc
Thu Feb 12 20:55:24 EST 2004

Hello from Japan,

> "This new streamlined handluggage style will enable TG
> to conquer Italy, Japan and America in the coming year
> in a series of hit-and-run kamikaze missions."
> OK so they did the States, sort of did Italy, but
> Japan???

This is my personal opinon, but I think that they had a plan to tour
Japan in 1981. But it did not come true as you know.

I remember that TG made 30 minutes radio program for Japan and
it was broadcasted all over Japan via FM in 1981 (probably).
Before I listened to this program, I expected that it would be studio
recording of TG, but that was a kind of their greetings to Japan,
and each member introduced their favourite music.

Peter Christopherson---The Doors/Riders On The Storm
Cosey Fanni Tutti---Nico/(forgotten)
Chris Carter---(forgotten)
Genesis P'Orridge---Martin Denny/(forgotten)

I do have this tape, but I can not find it out now. 

Terukazu "Telle" Kumazawa
"Yes is the answer and you know that for sure" (J.L.)

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