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While I'm thinking about this...

Does everybody else's IRCD37 (SO36 Club , 8th
November) cut at the end of the first track before the
end of 'The old man smiled'? Presumably the end of the
side of orginal cassette?

And since there was such a good response about SO36
club, does anybody know about the Kunsthofschule in

I was interested to read from the brainwashed website
(from Sounds at the time): 

"This new streamlined handluggage style will enable TG
to conquer Italy, Japan and America in the coming year
in a series of hit-and-run kamikaze missions."

OK so they did the States, sort of did Italy, but

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<mailinglists at ironflame.de> wrote: > hi cameron,
> an old west-berliner here
> >What is/ was the S036 Club in Berlin?
> so36 used to be the most well known venue in 
> berlin for all sorts of underground punk things 
> end seventies/early eighties. although located 
> directly in the heart of kreuzberg (so36 means 
> sued ost =south east 36, like you have those wc1n 
> 3xx codeing in england) the most alternativ part 
> of west-berlin, besides schoeneberg, the so36 has 
> been a club for the wealthy from the beginning 
> on. if you were a regular squatter, street punk , 
> whatever, you'd rather hang out at the risiko or 
> the trinkhalle. concerts at the so36 always 
> costed up to 4 times more than regular punk shows 
> these days. that's basically why no one i know 
> attended both tg shows, although they were on for 
> two nights in a row.
> >'Wreckers of Civilisation' sort of glosses over,
> what
> >was, presumably, a big deal for TG playing outside
> >England for the first time. Was there a connection
> >with a 'scene' there?
> of course everybody who was active in the very 
> early scene (konrad schnitzler, graf haufen, 
> burkard 'zensor', dimitri 'atonal' hegemann, 
> etc.) was there at least for one show and those 
> concerts definitely gave a big kick to people 
> organizing show, running tape labels, etc.
> >I just stuck 'S036 Berlin' into a 'Yahoo search'
> and a
> >lot of bands seem to be still playing there.
> it's still a kind of alternative place but mainly 
> directed towards a more overground mainstream 
> crowd. the dancefloor nights are still the most 
> underground you'll find (techno-wise) in berlin 
> but the last worth going show i've seen there was 
> a laptop clicks'n'cuts thing with 
> pita/pole/fennesz, etc. already a few years ago...
> best,
> s t e f a n
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