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Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 10 00:50:06 EST 2004

Well, we do appear to have some younger people here -- which is great. I 
know the current music scene would be leaving me very much out in the cold 
and dark. The most interesting thing I saw all last year was the new one 
from Kraftwerk, of which I have yet to find a no "copy control" version. 
When you think about it, and if you have heard it - that's pathetic. The 
thing has maybe two worthy songs and no more. Better protect those!

I'm approaching 40, got into TG circa 1978 -- which for Los Angeles is 
probably pretty early since I lived in Agoura (90 mins. bus ride into L.A.) 
and didn't yet have my own car. I think this was still the era of Slash 
Magazine, Vinyl Fetish, Tiger Lily, Poseur and so forth on Melrose. A little 
later on Zed Records in Long Beach was a good place to obtain the unusual 
and somewhat rare.

We had United 7" and D.O.A. to listen to. My friends and I were otherwise 
busy collecting older music like Martin Denny, Yma Sumac, Julie London, Les 
Baxter, and Jackie Gleason in used stores.  We'd buy stuff just for the 
covers at between $0.25-1.00 a record.

The Pistol were an amusing side-show. Something to read about in the papers 
but not often actually listened to. If we had, it would have made sense to 
also be into the Blasters. But we didn't so we weren't. Later on The Cramps 
made some sense of rockabilly for us.

When I got my first copy of Joy Division's "Love Will tear Us Apart" on 12" 
I played it at 33 rpm for weeks before someone told me it was a 45 rpm disk 
(I don't think it was properly labelled either way). I thought it was pretty 
amazing at 33 rpm, still good at 45 rpm. And this just to show where my head 
was at for sound.

We had the usual local stuff: Nuns, Screamers, Fear, Black Flag, Castration 
Squad, very early very drunk and loaded Go-Gos, Rodney on KROQ. We also had 
the imported stuff: GenX, 999, Siouxsie, Clash,etc.

We had hang-outs like Cathay du Grande, The Whiskey, Pink's, Okey Dog, and 
The Greenery (?). In my town we'd see Belinda Carlisle at the Thousand Oaks 
Du-par's quite frequently.

Later still we were grateful for the likes of SPK, Foetus, Lydia Lunch, X, 
Cramps, Cabaret Voltaire, and Cocteau Twins - without them we'd have had 
almost nothing new to listen to. By then most L.A. punk acts looked like 
thinly disguised volleys aimed at the "big time" despite the mandatory scene 
posturing of biting the hand that feeds one.

With all that TG stuff would still find itself tossed onto the record 
platter with frightening regularity through the years. That and Denny's 
"Primitiva." Our standards.

Tripping on memory lane.

- Triskela

P.S. In my opinion, the song "Oops Oh My" would be impossible if not for the 
existence of TG.

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