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Louisa Bannon triskela at
Sun Feb 8 19:13:25 EST 2004

>I believe I have a copy of just about everything, except maybe the Sordide 
>Sentimental version of "Five Knuckle Shuffle".

Well, I hope I sent Jon web-ready scans of the packaging recently, but so 
far there is no reply. I assume the mixes off the 7" record are the same as 
on one of the CD re-releases (looks like "D.O.A."). Having that, all you are 
really missing is the packaging. The only thing I edited was the limitation 
number for my particular package (I numbered it all zeros).

Once we get that settled, I have a few other items I plan to scan in also: 
some misc. show flyers, the Fetish Box packaging, The Red Ronnie LP and 
booklet (which might be redundant: -- the photos should be 
different for each language; see also: and and and, and scans of what I 
got in TG24. I note that not everyone got the Scala Cinema disk nor the 
Industrial News booklet. Those two things in particular seem quite unfair 
after one has shelled out $200-#300!

I emailed Mute about the missing disk because I ordered my set through 
Amazon in the U.S. (I think the presumption had been that the U.S. sets 
didn't have the Scala Cinema disk). About three weeks later I got a large cd 
sized envelope that had IRCD26 written on the outside in blue ink, inside -- 
no disk! That annoyed, but when I got my package from Amazon (finally and 
ultimately from a secondary Amazon store) it actually had the disk, so no 
worries there (not for me at least). But my overall experience is that Mute 
needs to get its act together -- for people to be missing even the booklet 
seems almost shameful to me.  That's not a choice like the collage cards (a 
selection from 8), that's just sloppy set construction. A year since it's 
initial release, all of the boxed sets should be complete even with the 
Scala Cinema disk. The markup on this kind of collection must be huge, so I 
feel that they owe the consumer some assurance of quality. To repack the 
sets might cost them some labor time and the cost of the shrink wrapping -- 
not too much at the price.

-- Triskela

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