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Fri Feb 6 12:27:54 EST 2004

Thought the list would find this recent statement by Douglas P interesting...
<<When I first heard 'Heathen Earth' I thought this was the album I had tried to record in 1974  with my first attempts at creating music of sorts. It was what I should have done and what, historically, had to be done but I wasn't in the position to make that come to fruition. Thankfully, some years later Gen along with his cohorts was and I'm pleased that it was him that had the guts and belief to see that through.One of these days, probably as a CD accompanying my official autobiography, I'll air those recordings from way back
when. 2006 seems a likely date. In truth, my favourite pieces of work by Throbbing
Gristle were the catchy  7" singles that came in those equally attractive camouflaged plastic bags.'Adrenalin' and 'Subhuman' were often on the record deck whenever Boyd 
was staying with me in the UK and seemed to play all day alongside stuff  from Vicki Bennett and People Like Us. Heilige! Douglas P.>>

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