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Louisa Bannon triskela at
Fri Feb 6 20:21:38 EST 2004

>I have seen three boxsets and they all had a somewhat different content. I
>did not have the newsletter, but got extra foto's and collages instead( all
>different). I personally think that it's a joke of TG. Imagine all these 
>fans that
>are discussing their suppossedly incomplete boxset when it's the music that
>counts and not the extras!

Well, let's examine the joke fully then.

If it was so beside the point, why have you even bothered to look at three 
boxes worth of the goods? See, all I want is to see what else is out there 
too - just as you have. Further, the claim is not that my boxed set is 
incomplete, but that there are obviously more collages and possibly more TG 
images to see, that's all. Also I am not totally convinced that the imagery 
used by TG is totally beside the point. Collage art was supposedly a big 
early interest of Coum's. They also make much of using traditional "rock 
techniques" to subvert that same tradition. Peter was part of Hipgnosis -- 
an organization dedicated to packaging primarily rock albums.

So don't be sure sure that images mean absolutely nothing.

For example, last night I was thinking about the packaging of the box (since 
I had just recieved it in the mail) -- it bears a striking resemblence to 
the original release of Joy Division's "Still." Is that entirely an 
accident? Genesis has mentioned a particular affinity with Ian Curtis 
before. Plus it plays against/into "rock" iconography rather nicely too.

I'm always perfectly happy to listen to or discuss the "music." I've been 
ripping my copy of TG24 to MP3s since last night for the ultimate in 
convenience for just such purposes. But if the music is all that matters, 
then there is no point in this list because it's all talk and your 
participation in it counters your own argument. Or are you above it all 
somehow in a way that the rest of us can't understand? Or are you just 
another victim of the joke?

For myself - if TG made it, I'd like to see it.

Is that attitude truly surprising? Isn't this a TG discussion list? Are we 
not of like minds and therefore here to talk about TG stuff?

I guess I could go off and talk about "Baywatch," or some other crap, with 
my immediate neighbors...bjt I'd rather be here discussing the "big TG con" 
with you. Call me crazy.

-- Triskela

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