Antw: [Grief] TG24 extras

RWKolk at RWKolk at
Fri Feb 6 13:15:08 EST 2004

In een bericht met de datum 6-2-04 2:09:54 West-Europa (standaardtijd), 
schrijft triskela at

<< Someone would really have to know what it was, otherwise it's 
 just a cool logo. >>
Cool as in the old British National Party logo?  Make sure that you will not 
wear it in Germany.... Just hope you won't meet a group of militant AntiFa, 
they just might kick your ass and more.......
Otherwise, yes it's a very cool logo:) Very powerfull. It's easy to see why 
Oswald mosley chose it as the logo for the BNP. Not that I am into that 


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