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David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 09:37:11 EST 2004

>From what I remember of the discussion at the time
some people also received a glossy picture of one of
Cosey's modelling pictures. Though I didn't. I got
five pics of TG, all 8 collage prints, two patches
(one round and one rectangular) three stickers and
three badges. And a copy of Industrial News. I can
scan things if need be.

Dave B 

 --- Louisa Bannon <triskela at hotmail.com> wrote: >
Okay, I have TG24 on the desk (it was on the front
> porch waiting for me this 
> evening) and it looks as though everything is here,
> even the "extra" CD. The 
> one thing I might actually use sometime is the crazy
> circular patch, that's 
> pretty cool. Someone would really have to know what
> it was, otherwise it's 
> just a cool logo.
> I have 4 "collage prints" - but the suggestion on
> the checklist included in 
> the newsletter is that there are actually 8 "collage
> prints" available. I 
> have 5 "pictures of TG" - but how many are there
> really? Does anyone truly 
> know, or have an excellent guess?
> What can we do to share it up? I can provide high
> quality scans of the stuff 
> I've got. What are the ethics involved? I certainly
> do not want to offend TG 
> themselves, but from the standpoint of irresistible
> curiosity I would like 
> to see the rest of what's out there. I mean, I DID
> actually buy the 25 cd 
> set but I don't intend to buy mulitple copies just
> to see the other stuff. 
> If anyone objected to sharing with non-buyers of the
> boxed set, we could 
> make a site that was accessible only to people that
> have already contributed 
> to the scans collection (i.e. if you contribute you
> have the boxed set from 
> which you scanned your contributions). I guess
> that's probably up to the 
> list organizers to handle though. Just brainstorming
> out loud. I am not out 
> to rob TG or Mute of possible sales, but this
> "extra" stuff is precisely 
> what I was agitating about last month.
> Jon is about to recieve some scans I think...but not
> of this stuff, 
> something older!
> Tonight is a good TG night for me.
> -- Triskela
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