[Grief] TG24 extras

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 6 01:07:48 EST 2004

Okay, I have TG24 on the desk (it was on the front porch waiting for me this 
evening) and it looks as though everything is here, even the "extra" CD. The 
one thing I might actually use sometime is the crazy circular patch, that's 
pretty cool. Someone would really have to know what it was, otherwise it's 
just a cool logo.

I have 4 "collage prints" - but the suggestion on the checklist included in 
the newsletter is that there are actually 8 "collage prints" available. I 
have 5 "pictures of TG" - but how many are there really? Does anyone truly 
know, or have an excellent guess?

What can we do to share it up? I can provide high quality scans of the stuff 
I've got. What are the ethics involved? I certainly do not want to offend TG 
themselves, but from the standpoint of irresistible curiosity I would like 
to see the rest of what's out there. I mean, I DID actually buy the 25 cd 
set but I don't intend to buy mulitple copies just to see the other stuff. 
If anyone objected to sharing with non-buyers of the boxed set, we could 
make a site that was accessible only to people that have already contributed 
to the scans collection (i.e. if you contribute you have the boxed set from 
which you scanned your contributions). I guess that's probably up to the 
list organizers to handle though. Just brainstorming out loud. I am not out 
to rob TG or Mute of possible sales, but this "extra" stuff is precisely 
what I was agitating about last month.

Jon is about to recieve some scans I think...but not of this stuff, 
something older!

Tonight is a good TG night for me.

-- Triskela

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