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Haneline, Bill bhanelin at alarismed.com
Wed Dec 22 11:29:29 EST 2004

 Lead story for "News of the Weird" in the San Diego Reader.

Eccentric British rock musician Genesis P-Orridge (born Neil Megson) and
his wife and partner, Lady Jaye Breyer, are gradually transforming
themselves surgically into gender-neutral human beings ("pandrogynous")
resembling each other. Eventually they will be indistinguishable in
order to demonstrate how overrated gender is as a point of reference.
(For example, he wore a lace dress at their wedding and she dressed as a
biker guy, with mustache, for Valentine's Day 2003; each got breast
implants.) P-Orridge told SF WEEKLY in October that their goal it to
jointly become a third person, distinct from either of them.

  It's old news, but introduces the regular person to the antics of GPO.

 The Industrial Machinist
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