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I can't help but think the only reason TG wanted to play at a Camber Sands
was because they wanted an excuse ot put out and album with a picture of a
gloomy british holiday camp on the front.

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        [1]Mute                                         Tue 07 Dec 2004 
        Throbbing Gristle                                               
        "Live December 2004 A Souvenir Of Camber Sands" TGCS1CD (Double 
        CD) 15.00 GBP                                                   
        Released 4/12/04                                                
        TG Plate (limited edition of 200) 20.00 GBP                     
        Embroidered Patch (limited edition of 200) 5.00 GBP             
        well, it happened! Throbbing Gristle played their first live    
        show in 24 years this weekend (the astoria event was a          
        recording not a live performance don't forget).                 
        peter, cosey, genesis and chris finally got together after much 
        stress, trials and tribulations, laughter and sadness, gossip   
        and idle chatter and did what they promised to do, play live    
        together again as Throbbing Gristle. although not the event     
        everybody wanted (RE~TG), TG still played at Pontins Holiday    
        Camp, Camber Sands, at atp's invitation as part of Jake and     
        Dinos Chapmans Nightmare Before Christmas.                      
        the performance on friday night at 10:45pm, was, and i          
        challenge anyone who was there to say otherwise, a triumph for  
        a band who mean so much to so few and have influenced so many.  
        it was emotional, after taking so long to eventually happen and 
        was lovingly dedicated to Geff Rushton from Coil who passed     
        away in November.                                               
        Cosey slipped and injured herself 3 hours before the            
        performance, but played through the pain, she wasn't going to   
        get this far and not have it happen. entertainment through      
        a live recording of friday night was made and sold 10 minutes   
        after the end of the show, this limited edition double CD is    
        available from Mute Bank mail order whilst stocks last. its     
        packed in a digipack with artwork by peter and is a very        
        special momento of the event considering the many that couldn't 
        make it after so much changing of dates and moving and          
        canceling of RE~TG.                                             
        also available for sale is the left over merchandise from the   
        TG plates (yes plates), invite Nan over for biscuits and watch  
        her face light up as the final custard cream is removed to      
        reveal the TG flash symbol. this is a limited edition of 200, i 
        think there are about 100 left, it depends how many got broke   
        on the way back (mute bank will pack them carefully for you)    
        TG patches - the TG symbol from the front of the Camber Sands   
        live CD. limited edition of 200.                                
        there is also a small amount of merchandise still left from the 
        RE~TG non-event and astoria show.                               
        great christmas presents! a patch for uncle Bob, a stick of     
        rock for auntie Mary, a set of badges for Mum.                  
        i know TG have appreciated your support over the years and      
        especially your patience over the last 2 years with the on/off  
        situation of RE~TG and Camber Sands, and in the end, it did     
        happen and they really enjoyed it, hopefully those who were     
        there really enjoyed it aswell. will it happen again?, will     
        this mission be terminated?, who knows, once the DVD release of 
        the astoria is ready (due for release in May), we'll ask them.  
        until then, happy holidays and all that.                        
        the grey area of mute                                           
        Disc One                                                        
        P-A D                                                           
        What A Day                                                      
        Greasy Spoon                                                    
        Hamburger Lady                                                  
        Almost Like This                                                
        Disc Two                                                        
        Splitting Sky                                                   
        Convincing People                                               
        Fed Up                                                          
        Wall Of Sound                                                   
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