[Grief] ATP '05 details to be announced soon?

Doug droark at naxs.com
Sun Aug 29 13:37:07 EDT 2004

Hello.  I recently decided that I probably won't be attending ATP '05 and 
e-mailed Helen at ATP regarding how to get a refund.  She said I should 
contact Wayahead.  However, she also said that I should wait a week because 
there could be changes in my favor.  She wouldn't say more but I think she was 
implying that all the details, or at least revised chalet prices, would be 
announced very soon.  I double-checked Wayahead and discovered that chalets 
are now available for all three weekends.  The TG weekend carries the same 
price tag as before but that doesn't mean a price increase is in the cards.

In any event, perhaps the revised lineup will be announced this week.  I'm not 
betting on it (ATP can be pretty slow when it comes to announcements) but 
we'll see.


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