[Grief] Industrial History

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Fri Aug 27 17:02:14 EDT 2004

Actually I think the term Wirespeak is much older than The Wire magazine
and refers to language on newswire services.  Wirespeak would be using
terms exclusive to news reporting.

But, in relation to this latest thread, I find it interesting you bring up
The Wire, a magazine which sort of subconsciously heralds itself on being
omnipotent (see their "definitive lists" of genres known as Primers) yet
completely misses nearly anybody who's -not- advertising with them!  Sure,
they'll talk about turntablism in terms of Brinkmann and Schaefer and
whoever's buying ads that month but they've consistently ignored people
like Ron Lessard, who's been performing his multi tonearm turntablism for
twenty years.  Yes, they'll talk about "Industrial" records in terms of
Mute since they buy a lot of ads, but I can't recall seeing much on the
San Franciscan front.

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, C. A. Polk wrote:

> >From: "Mattias Hanson" <mattias.hanson at home.se>
> > > >So to conclude, it's a constructed antagonism.
> > >
> > > Wire-speak. I knew someone wouldn't let me down.
> >
> >Wire-what? I'm lost.
> "Wirespeak" - using phrases, concepts and words that would never, in any
> normal circumstance, be used in regular, everday conversation or discussion.
> Can be encountered most often (and most regularly) in the pages of UK
> magazine The Wire.
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