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C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 26 18:11:06 EDT 2004

>From: "Mattias Hanson" <mattias.hanson at home.se>

>capolk wrote:
> > I don't *limit my view* based on the nationality of someone. I *base my
> > choices* on artists who are interesting to listen to, and truly had/have
> > something to say. It may be interesting now - as it was at the time - to
> > read and know about much of the *early California scene*. In my view,
> > however, very little of that has withstood the test of time very well.
> > Unless I missed those 24 disc Chrome and Rhythm & Noise reissues 
>Well, Chrome is till touring although their output was somewhat limited by 
>the death of the leading force in the band, Damon Edge. And Non has kept an 
>active career since then and releases albums and tours. Monte Cazazza is 
>another story and has according to my sources turned to pornography. The 
>main difference between TG and the American bands, with some exceptions, is 
>the commercial success. Some of the bands in the Californian scene only 
>released one or two releases and then moved on to day-jobs or other genres. 
>TG was able to sustain an output due to financial resources (and of course 
>artistic integrity). One must remember that Industrial Records was a 
>successful business and was bought up by Mute which lead to availability 
>increasing. If not IR had been so successful and Mute later hadn't 
>sustained TG releases they probably would have had a similar faith as some 
>of the Californian bands, unnotoriety.
>So in my opinion, the reason to the difference in notoriety and fame 
>between TG and the Californian acts (with some exceptions), lies not in the 
>quality of music or artistic originality mainly but the distribution.
>But, in fact, they are not mutually exclusive. I love them all, especially 
>Chrome and TG.
>However one must not confuse quantity with quality and crown TG only by the 
>sheer magnitude of available music.

I thought about responding to each paragraph - but this last one tells me 
you have no clue what I said to begin with.

>So to conclude, it's a constructed antagonism.

Wire-speak. I knew someone wouldn't me down.

>And those who maintain such views as you have expressed well, it's your 

Yes, yes. And I have zero doubt I could say the very same for you.

What a day. All day.

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