[Grief] Industrial History

Mattias Hanson mattias.hanson at home.se
Thu Aug 26 19:52:28 EDT 2004

capolk wrote:
> I don't *limit my view* based on the nationality of someone. I *base my 
> choices* on artists who are interesting to listen to, and truly had/have 
> something to say. It may be interesting now - as it was at the time - to 
> read and know about much of the *early California scene*. In my view, 
> however, very little of that has withstood the test of time very well. 
> Unless I missed those 24 disc Chrome and Rhythm & Noise reissues recently...

Well, Chrome is till touring although their output was somewhat limited by the death of the leading force in the band, Damon Edge. And Non has kept an active career since then and releases albums and tours. Monte Cazazza is another story and has according to my sources turned to pornography. The main difference between TG and the American bands, with some exceptions, is the commercial success. Some of the bands in the Californian scene only released one or two releases and then moved on to day-jobs or other genres. TG was able to sustain an output due to financial resources (and of course artistic integrity). One must remember that Industrial Records was a successful business and was bought up by Mute which lead to availability increasing. If not IR had been so successful and Mute later hadn't sustained TG releases they probably would have had a similar faith as some of the Californian bands, unnotoriety.

So in my opinion, the reason to the difference in notoriety and fame between TG and the Californian acts (with some exceptions), lies not in the quality of music or artistic originality mainly but the distribution.

But, in fact, they are not mutually exclusive. I love them all, especially Chrome and TG. 
However one must not confuse quantity with quality and crown TG only by the sheer magnitude of available music.

So to conclude, it's a constructed antagonism. And those who maintain such views as you have expressed well, it's your loss.

Mattias Hanson 

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