Antw: [Grief] RE: TG books (was (yes, yes, more important mat ters!))

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Tue Aug 24 11:17:34 EDT 2004

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<< i guess the point is that i'm wondering if there is anybody still left
 >denying (or skeptical) that there actually was indeed a scene in
I must have missed the fact that it was a post by you, otherwise i would not 
have missed the irony in it.
Are there books about this scene?
 Mind you...Books on early NDW & Berlin are also pretty scarce. It's very 
difficult to find anything that deals with Die Todliche Doris and Die Kunstliche 
Dilettanten. I got Verschwende Deine Jugend, but that is about it and deals 
more with DAF and related NDWbands. This other book by one of Der Plan is out of 
print a very long time, so there not much to read upon.......


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