[Grief] Re: Grief Digest, Vol 21, Issue 8

Jim Flannery newgrange at talmanassociates.com
Tue Aug 24 00:13:38 EDT 2004

Monday, August 23, 2004, 10:44:40 PM, one spoke:

LB> Just so there's no confusion, I might have helped you out if I
LB> understood that you had made a good faith effort to get the thing
LB> through normal channels. I am not without sympathy for your
LB> plight.

One does hate to point out that he *did* start off his *first* post on
this subject by saying

LWC> So I have ordered multiple copies of this CD from indie record
LWC> stores and even at forced exposure, NOBODY has it in stock or can
LWC> get the CD it seems.

so perhaps the confusion is in more places than just Livewire ...

Jim Flannery
newgrange at talmanassociates.com

np: Alphane Moon, _The Echoing Grove_
nr: David R. Bunch, _Bunch!_

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