[Grief] Re: Grief Digest, Vol 21, Issue 8

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 06:44:40 EDT 2004

Hey Livewire:

Just so there's no confusion, I might have helped you out if I understood 
that you had made a good faith effort to get the thing through normal 
channels. I am not without sympathy for your plight.


Acting like a total wanker is probably not the way to get on my good side. I 
might have sent you some tasty EAC ripped VBR MP3s all nice and neat in a 
little archive file - now that's not so likely...

- Triskela

>From: "Livewire Confusion" <livewireconfusion at hotmail.com>
>Triskela, Jesus Christ! Don't you think I HAVE TRIED to buy it?

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