Antw: RE: [Grief] TG books (was (yes, yes, more importantmatters!))

Dj45rpm at Dj45rpm at
Mon Aug 23 19:57:13 EDT 2004

>>I think these would be bands like Factrix, Minimal Man, Monte Cazazza, Non,
The Residents and other Ralph Records bands, Johanna Went, R&N, as well as
others covered by Search & Destroy.>>

And if you want to go further, throw in the Screamers, Monitor, Nervous Gender, Zev, the folks on the Red Spot comp., TUXEDOMOON, maybe even less-edgy-but-still-edgy-enough folks like the (early) Units and Inflatable Boy Clams (I'd mention Pink Section but someone would probably slap me if I did).  Not to mention a dozen or four even more obscure outfits who only got around to releasing a single 7"/demo, if that.

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