Antw: [Grief] Re: Grief Digest, Vol 21, Issue 8

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Mon Aug 23 17:40:13 EDT 2004

In een bericht met de datum 23-8-04 22:32:19 West-Europa (zomertijd), 
schrijft livewireconfusion at

<< Triskela, Jesus Christ! Don't you think I HAVE TRIED to buy it?
 It IS out of stock at Mute and at Forced Exposure.  
 For Christ's sake are we now judging our fan devotion in terms of what spend 
 in TG merchandise? Are you a bit obsessed and missing the point?
 I am sorry if me wanting someone (NOT YOU) to burn me 
 copy of TG NOW because it is not available anymore is a problem for you.
  If you'd like to play the of game of who spent what; I have spent over 
 $1000.00 on a concert I HAVEN'T FUCKING EVEN SEEN YET, for TG so, FUCK OFF!

Could we keep things like this "off list"? I thought we were going into more 
serious matters. Mudthrowing like this is not a very nice thing to read and a 
waste other peoples time! 


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