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Mon Aug 23 17:21:37 EDT 2004

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<< What were the 2 TG related books? I'm only aware of Wreckers of
 Civilisation?  >>

There are two books from the Re/search catalogue:
-"Industrial Culture Handbook"
-"WSBuroughs-Throbbing Gristle-Brion Gysin"

" Industrial Evolution, Through the Eighties with Cabaret Voltaire" contains 
some nice personal notes from the author on his first TG concert although it 
focusses mainly on CV 
ofcourse and the authors drinking/drugs problems.

A book on the early industrial scene would be nice though. One that is not 
just focused on one band but places the burgeoning industrial musicscene in a 
broader perspective. Sheffield in the seventies, the early 
synthpunk/industrialscene in California. Things like that...


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