[Grief] yes, yes, more important matters!

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 22 21:10:53 EDT 2004

Sorry Folks!

I should have been clearer - all I meant was that I have a server networked 
within my home that now has the ripped MP3s. I do not share this with the 
outside world. I am not giving away TG's music without TG being compensated.

I'm still working on the "Mission Terminated" Red Ronnie material - but that 
is long out of print and no one has indicated any interest in republishing 
it for profit, so basically it seems different. With 20-25 years since it's 
original release, it doesn't quite feel like theft any longer. More like 
archiving the past for the use of others.

"TG Now" is a very current release, and those that can should support the 
band by paying for it. In just this last year I have purchased 2 TG related 
books, 24, TG+, TG Now, and some old CDs. Most of what I bought was brand 
spanking new and should put some dollars into the band's collective pocket. 
I consider that a good thing.

- Triskela

>From: "Louisa Bannon" <triskela at hotmail.com>
>I Mean, I did already rip it to my music server as MP3s, so there's at 
>least one more copy out there than there was before...!

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