[Grief] GPO vs. Leslie Ash debate

Giovanni cosmonaut at mac.com
Sun Aug 22 01:46:24 EDT 2004

i agree with you Robert in that anyone who has been keeping an eye on 
what GPO has up to these last several years before TGv2 should have 
seen this as the next logical step.  i for one support him in his 
moves, even if s/he's not so easy on the eyes.  top bad Genesis didn't 
become Djin twenty five years ago, maybe then some of us would have 
different opinions...


On Aug 21, 2004, at 3:05 PM, RWKolk at cs.com wrote:

> In een bericht met de datum 21-8-04 18:56:35 West-Europa (zomertijd),
> schrijft livewireconfusion at hotmail.com:
> << No way in hell does GPO look anything like Leslie Ash >>
> Maybe Leslie has had to many "Hyaluronic Acid" injections?
> This looks more like it:
> http://www.newfill.nl/
> But seriously......Can we stop with the Breyer/Leslie Ash bashing and
> concentrate on more serious matters. Gen has always been researching 
> the
> biological/cultural genderboundaries as a performer so his latest 
> moves where he changed
> to Breyer shouldn't be that surprising!
> Robert
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