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I just found this site that has very close up live pictures of the recent Astoria, London May 2004 TGDVD recording concert http://www.kaaos.org/gfx/tg/ . 

Also, I just ordered my copy of the TGNOW CD at the Forced Exposure website ( http://www.forcedexposure.com/artists/throbbing.gristle.html ) and as I understand it they are distributing the TGNOW CD over in the U.S.A. and about two weeks back I ordered a copy of TGNOW CD from my local independent record store, Plugd, in Cork City, Ireland who is ordering it directly from Mute. So if there is any difference between the copies I will be sure to let everyone know. 

Has anyone seen Psychic TV, or PTV3 rather, live at any of their recent gigs on the east coast of the U.S.A? If so how where they? As I understand it famed writer Douglas Rushkoff was on keyboards, pretty cool. 

Also, rumor mill has it that there will be a Throbbing Gristle tour at some point and time in the future. Now, I know that on the TG website it states the opposite but the members of TG change their minds constantly; so I was wondering if anyone who works in the industry has heard anything to the effect of a tour actually happening and if so do they have any real facts to support this rumor (i.e. booked club dates, inter office memorandums. ect.)

Does anyone have any footage of TG or PTV live on vhs, dvd, or in any media form for that matter? I am looking for a copy of the "Cease to Exist" film and any other live footage or videos. I knew of some people at one time who traded on a certain ad free file sharing program (the name escapes me), so if your one of those please drop me a line at LivewireConfusion at hotmail.com . 

I am trying to compile information on PTV, Throbbing Gristle, Carter Tutti, Coil, Chris Cosey and all other affiliations so I can built a huge fan site to host on my co-located server. It will include a COMPLETE discography with very detailed information, photos, links to purchase CDs, LPs,DVDs ect., forum and as much bootleg info as possible. I have devoted one 200 Gig hard drive for the project and I am scripting a pearl database as we speak to support it. I intend this to be THE ULTIMATE resource for TG, PTV and the like. I fully intend to devote the next 6 months of my life just to the creation of the initial site. In the days and months to come I will need everyone's help in this mammoth project so please e-mail me if have any ideas or want to help in anyway. Thanks!
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