[Grief] TGNow

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 3 20:11:50 EDT 2004

Great stuff. Really long, LP length 40-45 minutes. Highly recommended. Quite 
a thrill to hear such lengthy new works.

Forced Exposure is distributing these in the U.S. Total was $21.50 USD with 
the hugely expensive UPS shipping. The price is mitigated by thinking of 
this as a full album or something - it's far too long and polished to be a 
mere single with filler material.

Of course, there is no excuse for the way Mute Bank has handled this release 
- those of us here across the pond were very much ignored. Currency 
conversion issues and the lack of secured online transactions made working 
with Mute almost impossible. I wasn't that keen to phone them up either as I 
do not have an international long distance plan (for those not knowing, that 
means a charge of $2.50 USD a minutem - no thanks!).

Really dug this release whereas I thought MutantTG sort of sucked. Best they 
should move upward and onward as with TGNow and leave the MutantTG past 
behind (the best remixes were by the TG members themselves anyway). I was 
actually surprised at how good I thought this was - I was prepared to be 
much less moved by it. This should have been a major release ahead of 
MutantTG, which I think has partially tarnished the band's rep somewhat. 
They're not being smart about the ordering of these releases at all.

I was much reminded of Kraftwerk's recent "Soundtracks" release - at first 
it seemed dull and lackluster, but with repeated listenings it got stronger 
and stronger. I am therefore withholding a more detailed response to the new 
TG songs until I have given them a proper gestation period.

The parasite is Now growing inside of me.

- Louisa

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