[Grief] Site test.

Mark markstevens at waitrose.com
Sun Apr 18 11:57:31 EDT 2004


Thought I'd try out a mail to see if the Grief site is working.  If it is I
will get a copy in my in tray.

I notice that I haven't received any mails from the Coil list since 13th
April.  Any one getting through or experiencing problems?  I've checked with
the Hollyfeld subscription service and the response I got was that a list
called "Coil" does not exist!

Not long until Camber.......


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Stephan Creutzburg <Gunthchramm at aol.com> wrote:
I´ve got a re- realese of the 1975 demo tape "Best of Vol. I". In Fords Book
is written that on this tape are only instrumental parts. On my tape are
also Scars of E, Very Friendly, We Hate You and a strange conversation at
the end of side B. Do anybody of you know if the records on this tape are
not cut with some later ones (maybe from 76)?

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