[Grief] (OT)Infrasound linked to spooky effects

RWKolk at cs.com RWKolk at cs.com
Mon Sep 8 19:05:15 EDT 2003

 Hello, just thought that this might be interesting. Didn't TG experiment 
with this during some gigs?:
Infrasound linked to spooky effects 
Scientists say low frequencies may spark ghostly sensations 
MANCHESTER, England, Sept. 8 b Mysteriously snuffed out candles, weird 
sensations and shivers down the spine may not be due to the presence of ghosts in 
haunted houses but to very low frequency sound that is inaudible to humans. 
British scientists have shown in a controlled experiment that the extreme bass 
sound known as infrasound produces a range of bizarre effects in people including 
anxiety, extreme sorrow and chills b supporting popular suggestions of a link 
between infrasound and strange sensations. 


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