[Grief] PTV live

Cold Spring info at coldspring.co.uk
Mon May 26 14:34:32 EDT 2003

> Sorry if this is old hat for most people but being in
> Hong Kong it's quite easy to slip out of the loop....
> All of these live CD's of Psychic TV that have
> recently (?) come out, how many are there going to
> be,(23 would seem a good bet)?

They are available at:


And the set will be 30 albums. The first 12 are available now....they are in
really nice uniform wallets.

> Are they re-releases of the aborted series of 23 vinyl
> once a month live albums that came out in 1986 (or was
> it 87)?

The series was complete to 23 albums, not aborted. But many of the titles
come from that series, though some have extra times, and they are all
remastered and with new texts.

Best wishes,


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