[Grief] PTV live

Cameron Smart cammysmart at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 25 05:08:39 EDT 2003

Sorry if this is old hat for most people but being in
Hong Kong it's quite easy to slip out of the loop....

All of these live CD's of Psychic TV that have
recently (?) come out, how many are there going to
be,(23 would seem a good bet)?

When did they come out, are they all out now?

Are they re-releases of the aborted series of 23 vinyl
once a month live albums that came out in 1986 (or was
it 87)? 

What era will they cover? 

Are they loose or will there be/ is there a box
presentation thing a la TG24?

What is the motivation at this stage to bring them

Is there a website link someone can give me that would
answer all of the above and save you some time?


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