[Grief] TG24 - 25th CD "Scala Cinema"

Guy Francois guyf at sgi.com
Fri May 23 17:29:52 EDT 2003

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> >"TG24 is strictly limited to no more than 2000 worldwide"
> ... and they'll carry on until they have sold the last batch of ten? 
> then stop...?
> we'll see....

well that is, 'they' will come up with another strictly limited and filled
gadgets "DVD-audio" remastered release (again a much better sound for
But wait, that's only after the multi-home-theatre 5.1 DTS release, 
which will of course have some never-before-released tracks.
And what about those DVD-video's ? yep, scheduled 23 december 2003 !

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