[Grief] TG24 - 25th CD "Scala Cinema"

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Thu May 22 04:11:27 EDT 2003

Dear TG24 box set owners,

need your help: I bought the TG24 Box thru Mailorder and receive it 
WITHOUT the 25th Bonus CD. I now got myself the Audio from the net 
but to include that CD-R in my TG24 box it would be very cool, if 
some kind soul could mail me scans (200dpi preferred) of the cd 
cardboard sleeve & the cd itself. Of course that person can ask me 
similar favours which I will gladly provide...

s t e f a n

p.s.: maybe someone also has the promo CD which was a kind of Best of 
TG24 , released by Mute with the same corporate design as the other 25

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