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Tue May 6 18:21:26 EDT 2003

22 Laystall Street, London EC1R 4PA
tel: 020 7837 2101

(The Lives and Art of Genesis P-Orridge)
expanded polaroids and objects 1973-2003

"Genesis has been an invaluable pioneer in developing
a new language, a tremendous influence."
Dr Timothy Leary

After three decades of profound, constant reinvention, Genesis P-Orridge
stands as testament to an artist
aggressively evolving his own path against the status quo. His immense range
of work as a performance artist, musician, writer and "cultural engineer"
has received both outrage and respect, distaste and admiration for its
revolutionary ideas. The impression he made on the British Establishment in
the late 1970s caused a media scandal and he was later forced into exile by
a moralist outcry. The late Tory MP Sir Nicholas Fairbairn sited the
"Prostitution" show at the ICA as "a sickening outrage. Obscene. Evil.
Public money is being wasted here to destroy  the morality of our society.
These people are wreckers of civilisation!"

The show included performance art events of COUM Transmissions, the debut of
industrial music band Throbbing Gristle and Genesis P-Orridge's post-Fluxus
sculptures of used tampons. This was 1976.

The complex creativity of Genesis P-Orridge's work and ideas could never be
portrayed in any linear
historical context. This exhibition is more a selection of artistic
processes and a visual jigsaw of ideals, spanning his work from the 1970s to
the present. Works include a photographic series of COUM actions, of which
all the original negatives are still held by Scotland Yard, featuring
performance art at the Paris and Milan Biennales; the original tampon boxes
from the ICA show; recent photographic work, sculpture and a section
relating to P-Orridge's current transformation in the WE ARE BUT ONE

This is part of his ongoing explorations into the sphere of transgender:

"PANDROGENY" is a series of new work, where both Genesis P-Orridge and his
wife Miss Jackie undergo
plastic surgery to achieve increasing similarities in order to create and
become a third being: Breyer P-Orridge. To celebrate this 21st Century
project, they both had same-sized breast implants for Valentine's Day 2003.
"Suddenly the immaculate conception of the p-androgeny, identity and gender
re-materialisation; re-union of the hermaphrodite into a perfecting state
before the fall and separation of male and female, all became clearer and
unfolded with symmetry," P-Orridge explains. Suffice to say, all artworks
and art actions as of 2003 are now
created by the artist Breyer P-Orridge (this being Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
and Lady J. Breyer P-Orridge).

This is the first major exhibition covering the extraordinary work of
Genesis P-Orridge, for whom life and art are inextricably bound together. As
a visual artist, writer and major pioneer of both industrial music
(Throbbing Gristle; Psychic TV) and multi-media collaborations, Genesis
P-Orridge is truly unique within the cultural spectrum. His recently
published book 'Painful But Fabulous', exploring his life's work, will also
be for sale. The artist lives and works in New York.

Exhibition: 4 June to 28 June 2003, Weds thru Fri.12pm - 6pm.

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