[Grief] Throbbing Gristle at the Architectural Association

Cold Spring info at coldspring.co.uk
Thu Mar 6 18:48:39 EST 2003

> anyone went to see this last monday ???
> curious if someone of TG attended ????

I went - it was quite neatly done, a red digital clock and TG logo projected
onto one wall counted down to the gig start, and then counted the full hour
that the CD was played. Some very TG-esque film footage (brickwork, factory
chimneys, windows, drains, etc) was broadcast across another wall (actually
created by the organisers), while all the audience (about 80 people, maybe
less / more) were filmed on a digicam.

After the hour, the CD itself, the digicam film and the TG-esque film were
all destroyed on the small stage.

Best wishes,


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