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received this from the mobilization mailing list, thought it might be of interest (sorry if it's a repost):

Details on: http://www.MOBILIZATION.com/tg23.html

T/G 24 on KFJC 89.7 FM
Sunday June 22, 2003
Mobilization and KFJC 89.7 FM are proud to present a 24 hour celebration of the history, mystery and IMPACT of THROBBING GRISTLE:

"A Day of Gristle".

This mind altering radio broadcast will cull from materials including:

Six hours of new interviews with all the members of THROBBING GRISTLE and friends such as MONTE CAZAZZA
Five hours of historical interviews made at KFJC in 1979 and 1980 "in the thick of it"
Other interview and media spots
The new Mute 24 CD release of THROBBING GRISTLE live performances
All the studio and other live releases by T/G

This radio special will be WEBCAST by KFJC.
In conjunction with the 24 hour broadcast, a 'PSYCHIC RALLY' will take place at FOOTHILL COLLEGE in APPRECIATION HALL where the live recordings from the broadcast will be presented through a loudspeaker system in an attempt to re-create the sub-sonic and ultra-sonic frequencies of the original performances, to the extent that the original recordings allow. Various video imagery, including PTV videos, will also be presented. Anyone in the area is invited to attend this live event - see KFJC for directions.

One 'special' CD copy of the entire program will be given to thee lucky winner of the Day ov Gristle contest. Whatever we feel is the most interesting response to thee INDUSTRIAL RECORDS questionnaire that was included in the original edition of T/Gs 2nd Annual Report will 'win the biscuit tin'...

More details on the special, as well as the questionnaire & contest information, will be included on this site in coming days.

Archives of the special may also be available after the initial broadcast. Check back at this link for details. This site will be maintained after the special as an online resource to the THROBBING GRISTLE global community.

Thank you for your attention and participation.

Mr. E
Nozmo King
Mark Darms
Mr. Hate


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