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i wasn't "preaching" to anyone, simply putting forward my point of view.
isn't that what these mailing list are for??

and whilst i agree that tg were the most important factor in industrial
music they ceased to exist over 20 years ago & you wont be going to see tg
any more than the people who turned out for the sex pistols concerts saw the
sex pistols...and i think 'entertainment' was always way down the list of
tg's priorities anyway...oh well, have fun.


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> Whilst I appreciate what you're saying, I feel that I must go to see them.
> I wasn't able to see them in their pre-terminated state, so I feel now I
> have the opportunity I have to see them.
> What are my expectations?  To see many people enjoying the event for what
> is meant be, a celebration of industrial music!  One has to admit, TG were
> quite a pivotal entity in the foundation of the genre of music that we
> today as Industrial; to me it seems only natural that they are there.
> They have indeed all moved on and now entertain in entirely different ways
> to that which TG did.  Not only that but the kit will be completely
> different too, most of the original TG equipment has either been trashed
> sold on.  The main ideology of COUM and then TG was to push the limits,
> explore taboos and entertain.  All the factions of TG have gone on to
> entertain in their own ways, Coil, PTV, C&C.  I am going to be entertained
> and wouldn't miss it.  It may be a complete disaster!  Inside I don't
> believe that it will be.  I'll go with an open mind and accept what is
> delivered.
> They might as you say just be doing for the money!  Okay, that's fine with
> me.  I don't want them to re-form, there is enough material about from the
> 76 - 81 period to keep me going, but to see them live.......... Can't miss

> it.
> We all have our own views and opinions and some will be more prepared to
> stand up and have them heard.  Let's let the people that want to go and
> enjoy it do so.  Those that want to stay at home and listen to Lisa
> Stansfield, well that's fine with me too, but don't preach.
> Cheers
> Mark
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> >
> > Mark Stevens schrieb / Mark Stevens wrote:
> >
> > >So who's going then?
> >
> not me
> >
> > on another note i'm reayly wondering what kind of eqipment will be
> > used since chris carter sold almost everything a few years ago on his
> > website...!
> >
> > best,
> > s t e f a n
> interesting point as it does make me wonder even more excatly what the
> people who'll be going to this concert/total fucking abomination ([as
> described on the coil list] take yr pick) are expecting? slug bait, his
> was her leg, an hour of tg's greatest hits??? what is the point, the
> was terminated over 20 years ago & the partcipants have all changed and
> moved on.  the work that they are doing now is very different from one
> anothers and a million miles away from tg
> and whilst i have a huge amount of respect for the people formerly known
> throbbing gristle, i do wonder what their motivations for this concert
> are...in a recent interview sleazy did say (jokingly?) that they would
> consider performing as tg if they were offered enough money, so maybe that
> has something to do with it? wouldn't blame them , it beats working at
> but i wouldn't particularly want to see it...
> paul]k[
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