[Grief] FW: from Sleazy Re: TG Re-Union

David B david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 17 14:46:06 EDT 2003

I'm going purely because I don't want to "not" be
there if it turns out to be something extraordinary. 

My experiences of reunions tells me it may well be a
big disappointment (Sex Pistols, VU etc) but I'd
rather go and be disappointed than miss it and regret

Dave B

 --- random99 <random99 at ntlworld.com> wrote: > ----- 

> and whilst i have a huge amount of respect for the
> people formerly known as
> throbbing gristle, i do wonder what their
> motivations for this concert
> are...in a recent interview sleazy did say
> (jokingly?) that they would
> consider performing as tg if they were offered
> enough money, so maybe that
> has something to do with it? wouldn't blame them ,
> it beats working at b&q,
> but i wouldn't particularly want to see it...
> paul]k[

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