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> Mark Stevens schrieb / Mark Stevens wrote:
> >So who's going then?
not me
> on another note i'm reayly wondering what kind of eqipment will be
> used since chris carter sold almost everything a few years ago on his
> website...!
> best,
> s t e f a n

interesting point as it does make me wonder even more excatly what the
people who'll be going to this concert/total fucking abomination ([as
described on the coil list] take yr pick) are expecting? slug bait, his arm
was her leg, an hour of tg's greatest hits??? what is the point, the mission
was terminated over 20 years ago & the partcipants have all changed and
moved on.  the work that they are doing now is very different from one
anothers and a million miles away from tg

and whilst i have a huge amount of respect for the people formerly known as
throbbing gristle, i do wonder what their motivations for this concert
are...in a recent interview sleazy did say (jokingly?) that they would
consider performing as tg if they were offered enough money, so maybe that
has something to do with it? wouldn't blame them , it beats working at b&q,
but i wouldn't particularly want to see it...


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