[Grief] FW: from Sleazy Re: TG Re-Union

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Wed Jul 16 16:41:22 EDT 2003

>This is Sleazy - Jhon tells me he is commited and looking forward to
>appearing as/with COIL at the TG weekend next May.

Mark Stevens schrieb / Mark Stevens wrote:

>So who's going then?

expect lots of folks from germany!

when i told my partner about the gig and about that 23 years gap in 
between the last TG concert and the date in 2004 he fell into a 
serious depression. before he had never thought about ageing and 
stuff but now he could quite clearly remember those two night in 1980 
when he saw tg live at the so36 club in berlin. that finally made him 
realize HIS age and there you go...! ouch!

on another note i'm reayly wondering what kind of eqipment will be 
used since chris carter sold almost everything a few years ago on his 

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