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This should shed some more light onto the subject!

So who's going then?

Mark :)

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Hi everyone

This is Sleazy - Jhon tells me he is commited and looking forward to
appearing as/with COIL at the TG weekend next May.

Of course it is so far ahead (at the moment) that anything could happen
to his health, aspirations, voice, and of course, mind in the mean
time, but as of now he IS scheduled to appear.

In the unlikely event of Jhon and/or Coil mutating beyond recognition,
the show will feature the first appearance of a entirely new entity
LEFT HAND PATH (me with a new band I am working on).

As regards the price on the ticketweb site - the chalet price
presumably includes admission to the entire 3 days of events and is for
the number of people in the chalet - I think it works out under #150
per head INCLUDING 3 nights accomodation which is a better deal than
most other shows these days...

The reason it has been launched so far ahead is to allow people to book
time off, holidays in UK or Europe, cheapest flights etc.

Please note TG is NOT REFORMING. If there is sufficient interest we may
play the following weekend as well in the same setting rather than turn
people away, but I can put my hand on my heart and promise this is a
one-off deal - TG will NOT be coming to a stadium/theatre/factory near
you EVER!

Also I believe there are additional facilities being set up - a chat
room of some kind to help people to contact others to share with, and
also some method of splitting the payment into a number of
installments. TG on the "never never" - who would have thought?!

Any time/day now there will be a bunch of info at www.mute.com/tg - Its
not there yet as I write this...

Anyway book early to avoid...well you know...!


BTW all but the last few CoilLive Boxes have now shipped and the rest
will leave us by the week end. THANK YOU so much to everyone for their
patience - I think its a nice package after all this time. I saw
someone on the list thinking it was only autographed by me but in fact
Jhon and I met a couple of weeks ago in London and signed all of them -
sometimes he signed directly on top of mine so its kind of a jumble but
we both physically contributed to every one - Jhon and Ian designed and
organised the images and enclosed objects as well which came out really
We are sending out an additional 'apology'  bonus CD in a clam shell
with the Boxes - Information about it will be on the website next week.

Thanks also to everyone who came the recent COIL shows with
Thighpausandra - We both had a great time, and your warm reception help
ease any concerns I might have been feeling about playing (out of
necessity) without Jhon. I am hoping to make recordings and or video
available from those shows soon.

Best to all
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