[Grief] TG Re-Union and festival.

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>I thought it would be only appropriate to start some dialogue on the
>celebration of Industrial music that is due to take place next year in May
>at Camber Sands.
>What do you know?  The only way I have found to get tickets so far is via
>the www.wayahead.com site and they are only for chalets.  I'm going to ring
>them to see if I can purchase just tickets.
>Looking forward to it already.
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> >From the way ahead...
><<Weekend of 14th-16th May
>A celebration of Industrial music in the 21st Century. Featuring a live
>performance by Throbbing Gristle (featuring Chris Carter, Peter
>Christopherson, Genesis P Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti. Including performances
>by Coil Scanner Panasonic, Richard H Kirk, Black Dice and many more>>

i can't believe this.................where can i find more about this 
reunion ????
none of the ex-members pages mentiones this.

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