[Grief] Music from the Death Factory + TG24

cosmos1 at wanadoo.nl cosmos1 at wanadoo.nl
Sat Jan 11 12:32:12 EST 2003

>Has everyone who had bits and pieces missing from their TG24's been sorted
>out by Mute? I have been, although it appears all sorts of different
>pictures were contained in different boxes. I'm not too bothered about that.
>I'm just glad I have 25 CDs of amazing music to listen too. I'm so glad they
>managed to find the master of IR26 too. I've included a scan of a letter I
>got with it explaining the story of how it finally came to be included in
>the box for anyone who hasn't had a similar letter.
>This band continues to challenge and enthral me.
>Youngy 93

yes mute kindly delivered me the missing cd number 5 which was missing from 
my set.
no problems at all as now the music is complete and i think the rest is extra.

i have been playing this TG24 already more then 10 times since i got it :)
my wife doesn't like it so i have to listen to it when she's working !!!

so all in all one of the most important releases in cd history 


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