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Mark Stevens markstevens at waitrose.com
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Hey Youngy,

Good to read your reply.  The Live at The Death Factory picture disk of a
fridge on one side and the T.G. flash on the other was released in 1982,
catalogue number T.G. 33033, there were 1,355 copies of it released in the
standard issue with a couple of inserts and in a clear plastic sleeve.
There were 50 copies as a tribute to "Music From The Death Factory"
released, these had the same picture disk as the others but were issued in
the package as you say in the metal screen printed sleeve with catalogue
number Tesco 000.  The back of the sleeve is the entrance gate to Auschwitz.
I agree though, great album.

So back to the subject of mythical albums!  Death 01, Music From The Death
Factory.  If you've got a copy, go on...... scan in an image.  I'd really
appreciate it!  (It also might stop me stumping up shed loads of cash for
some cr**p record that isn't Death 01.

Cheers for now.


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As far as I know, and I may well be wrong, the original "Music From The
Death Factory" album (the one with cover which is black and white with
electronic zig zag lines) catalogue no. Death 01 is as rare as rocking horse
shite. To the point of it being almost mythical. I too would love to see a
picture of this album. Anyway, as Mark says there is "Live from the Death
Factory" picture disc which is to all intents and purposes the same album
but more readily available. Very good it is too. I also have another version
called "Live from the Death Factory". It comes in a steel screen printed
sleeve with a B+W photo of the band stood in the middle of a street with a
quote underneath "Real Total War has become information war, it is being
fought now...". Inside this too is a picture disc containing the same
(approximately) audio material. The catalogue number is Tesco 000 and is
numbered 37 of 50. There are all sorts of inserts inside including an
Industrial Records questionnaire. I've never seen this listed in any
discography so I've no idea where it fits in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway as far as the music goes (which is the important thing, right?) the
release of TG24 CD box set sort of makes all this redundant. However as far
as nifty items to own goes I like this a lot.

If anyone can tell me anything about this release I'd be grateful. Also, I'd
just love to see a photograph of the mythical "Music From The Death Factory"
just to satisfy my curiosity!

Has everyone who had bits and pieces missing from their TG24's been sorted
out by Mute? I have been, although it appears all sorts of different
pictures were contained in different boxes. I'm not too bothered about that.
I'm just glad I have 25 CDs of amazing music to listen too. I'm so glad they
managed to find the master of IR26 too. I've included a scan of a letter I
got with it explaining the story of how it finally came to be included in
the box for anyone who hasn't had a similar letter.

This band continues to challenge and enthral me.

Youngy 93

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Do you mean the Live at the Death factory LP?  I have a copy of that
picture disc, with a cheesecake picture on one side and the TG lightning
bolt logo on the other.  Got that long ago from a private seller.


On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Mark Stevens wrote:

> Hello all,
> I was wondering, do any of you actually own a copy of what I have found to
> be the elusive Music From The Death Factory on Death Records?  I have been
> trying to obtain one for years and now actually question the existence of
> it?  Can you throw any light on this?
> Been a little quiet so I thought I would attempt to stimulate some
> communication following the TG24 correspondence.
> Cheers
> Mark
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