[Grief] T.G. Reformation

Daniel Wiklander daniel at bomben.se
Thu Feb 27 22:28:24 EST 2003

On the other hand, the reformed Television were against all odds f'ing 

But personally, I'd rather the Fab Four left TG undisturbed. It was in so many 
ways a product of it's time, and the escalating craziness of COUM that went 
before it.

I'm not exactly an expert on TG and their members, apart from what I read 
in "Wreckers of Civilisation". But I had come to believe Genesis wasn't exactly 
good friends with the others, but maybe that's in the past now?

Citerat fren Irrational Arts <irrational.arts@btinternet.com>:

> I'm not on the Coil list but I'd very surprised if they reformed. I
> also think it'd probably be a big disappointment and best left as a
> memory.
> Very few bands ever seem to be any good when they reform. Faust and
> The Raincoats being the only exceptions I can think of. The Velvet
> Underground and the Sex Pistols were both awful.
> Dave B
> MS> Hello Y'all,
> MS> I see on the Coil list there is quite a bit of discussion going on
> about the
> MS> possible reforming of T.G. and industrial records.  Any one out
> there know
> MS> any thing concrete or is it all speculation after the split of
> Balance and
> MS> Sleazy?
> MS> Cheers
> MS> Mark
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