cold spring news (was Re: [Grief] TG10?)

susannah barbee at Sinister.Com
Thu Feb 6 20:11:52 EST 2003

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Cold Spring wrote:
> As for COLD SPRING news - out this month:
> STREICHER - `War Without End` CD - retrospective
> A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - `Wilhelm Gustloff` CD
> LAIBACH - `Neu Konservatiw` CD (with limited shirt offer)

yum!! slovenians.....

> And we`ve just struck a deal with legendary TEST DEPT to reissue archive
> material, expect a double CD set around the summer....


yay again, just for extra emphasis!
				... there shall be one acre
	  in the dull world where the kissing flower may bloom,
	which kisses you so long your bones explode under its lips.
		  -- galway kinnell, from "the book of nightmares"

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