[Grief] TG10?

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Thu Feb 6 06:40:22 EST 2003

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> Cold Spring writes:
> > Genesis told me last month that the next series will be all the
> > videos onto DVD, all via MUTE again.
> >
> > Also, PSYCHIC TV will begin a massive reissue campaign of EVERYTHING
> I am sure that there night be censorship issues with the TV image in
> Earth and the segment "Psychoporn" (or whatever it was called) from the
> PTV video, but will the other early PTV video programmes otherwise be
> on DVD?
> Scribus
what chance the first PTV video then :) p'haps not...regarding the
censorship in the reissue of Heathen Earth, who was actually responsible for
this?  I'm not sure if music videos have ever had to go through the BBFC for
classification, so I wonder if it was an (overly) nervous record company


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