[Grief] TG10?

Adam Klotblixt adam.klotblixt at djuren.org
Wed Feb 5 13:59:54 EST 2003

I REALLY hope that everything will come out remastered... I wish for it 
to come in slow trickles, maybe 1CD per month? And let's hope the 
trickle starts soon!

Well, if everything will eventually come out "officially" then we must 
pursue another hobby. We will not have to spend our lives (and money) 
trying to get hold of all the hard-to-get recordings ;)

Oh, and I do hope the Heathen Earth DVD will be uncensored. The grey 
covering square is just awful. Otherwise I'll have to make a DVD of my 
uncensored VHS-copy (for myself ;)

/Adam Klotblixt

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