[Grief] TG10?

Cameron Smart cammysmart at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 5 02:10:26 EST 2003

Some comments and a question:

I noticed somebody on the list saying that they would
only listen to each of the TG24 CDs once. I'm going
through the process of listening to one repeatedly
more or less for a week. I must say that they're
blowing me away (having been listening to TG since the
early 80's but never having access to the original
cassettes). They really do warrant repeated listening.
Just about every one so far (I've only reached IRCD8)
has been bemusing on the first listen. This I find
interesting because the live audience more often than
not must have felt the same but did not have a chance
to listen to the permanent product.

I've got a lot of questions on individual discs that I
might post if I find time.

But my one question just now... if anyone knows about
any plans to release the remaining CDs(10 to my
reckoning- a sort of TG10) in a similar package.
Arguably their best concerts. I know most of them have
been released in a variety of formats and varying
quality, but it would be good to get them as one.

Related question: Was the last cassette IRC33 at
Sheffield university? Were official recordings made of
all the others?

Cameron Smart 

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