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Mon Dec 29 18:59:15 EST 2003

Actually quite a bit of Jettisoundz vids have been/are being reissued by Cherry Red; even if Mute doesn't have the rights there's still a good chance they'll eventually come out.

In a message dated 12/29/2003 4:16:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, turbid at turbid.com writes:

>  have heard a weird story that Gen
> possibly gave all the rights to all the videos (including the Jarman ones)
> away, at least he thinks he may have, to the Jettisoundz people, as he's
> known to carelessly do (giving the rights away) with PTV music.  However,
> Gen was only one of the four people who had rights so it might be possible
> the rights were contested.
> Copyright laws are written up that the performer, engineer, and producer
> all have rights to copy, distribute, compile, remix, or derive a
> recording.  So, theoretically, they still own the copy rights, and Gen
> might have only given Jettisoundz the permission to manufacture and sell
> the videos.  They might still have masters in their possession still.  I
> guess we won't find out until it arrives on our doorstep 
> once again!

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